In the Sumapaz mountains, near the village of Arbelaez, Cundinamarca, this magnificent spiritual oasis is located. In our eco village you can enjoy fresh air, the sound of the waters coming from the Yamunita river, the singing of birds and an exotic vegetation. All this will provide for you the right atmosphere to practice yoga, meditation, relaxation and to free yourself of the stress you have accumulated by living in the city.

Syamal Krishna das
Tel: +57 311 2643248

What is Yoga Inbound?

Yoga Inbound is a journey into the self which is proposed in two directions: inward, to contact the beautiful treasure of love within us, and to the outside, so we can share it with all beings of creation. Yoga Inbound is an integrated system that combines hatha yoga (the harmony of the physical body), the anna yoga (conscious nourishment), karma yoga (the correct action), jñana yoga (the study of transcendental philosophy) dhyana yoga (meditation techniques) and the crown jewel of all the processes of yoga, bhakti yoga (the development of love and devotion to the Supreme Being).

Vrindavanita: shelter for the elderly

In the philosophy of yoga, the golden age of a person (after age 50) is the time of life in which, after one has met the social and family obligations, one can devote to spiritual development. Thus, Vrindavanita has become a haven where elder yoga practitioners can live peacefully, surrounded by nature and country charm. Therefore, when supporting our eco village, you will also be sponsoring the senior people who live in it, so they can have a better quality of life.

Vrindavanita services

Spiritual Retreats

Connect with your internal being in our eco village, where you will find the necessary calm and an auspicious natural environment to develop your spiritual practice.

Lodging in cabin or camping

If you are adventurous, you can bring your tent and stay in the places we have prepared for you to install it; you will have available fully equipped bathrooms for your service. But if you prefer to sleep in a more comfortable manner, you can book one of our cabins with bamboo bunk beds and rest indoors.

Temazcal (natural sauna)

Temazcalli is a Nahuatl word deriving from the roots temaz, 'steam' and calli, "house"; therefore, it means steam house or temple. The temazcal concept refers to the womb of Mother Earth, so entering into it is a way to reconnect with her. The natural sauna has primarily a therapeutic and ceremonial role and seeks to provide physical and spiritual welfare. In our eco village, this ancestral practice is accompanied with transcendental mantra sounds which liberate our mind.

Hydrotherapy in Yamunita river

Immerse yourself in the waters that nourish our eco village and experience the benefits of hydrotherapy for the treatment of diseases and injuries. It is a valuable tool for the improvement of pathological conditions, including trauma, rheumatism, and digestive, respiratory or neurological problems.

Seminars on Yoga Inbound, ayurvedic medicine, organic farming and bio-construction, among others

We offer continuous training in different areas related to yoga, spirituality and ecology, for you to become a leader in the change we want to see for our planet.


Volunteer Program

Stay in our eco village for a few days and help us develop this beautiful project so that many more people can benefit from it and, in turn, can provide a better quality of life to our elder yoga practitioners.

Mingas Program

Minga is a pre-Columbian tradition of community or group volunteer service. We regularly organize Mingas in our eco village, which have a duration between one day and a week, through which we seek to beautify our eco village and develop projects that require a joint effort.

Donation Program

Our eco village is a nonprofit community that aims to provide an adequate place for the spiritual growth of people and serves as a refuge for the elderly. Therefore, we accept your donations of food, building materials, cleaning supplies, clothing, lingerie and money, among others.

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